We currently have both RED AND WHITE FLOATING WEEK timeshare interests available for sale at Island Palms Resort.

Only $490.00 each one (1) week/interest for all conveyancing, transfer and application fees.   $490.00 is the only purchase expense to you and the annual maintenance levy due on 1st July each year.

Also included is one (1) year free 7Across “Gold Advantage” Membership package to get you started on your timeshare exchange journey valued at $508.

To holiday at Island Palms Resort using your FLOATING WEEK timeshare ownership, you will be able to request to holiday during weeks 1 to 13 inclusive (January-March) and 40 to 52 inclusive (October-December) for WHITE weeks and 14 to 39 (April-September) inclusive for RED weeks.  Please refer to the “Timeshare Calendar” under documents for exact dates of upcoming Red and White Floating weeks.

If you would like more ownership for the exchange system, Island Palms Resort weeks are always sought by the exchange companies – e.g. depositing your entitlement well in advance with RCI, the Deposit Trading Power for Floating Weeks currently varies from 17 to 20.


Would you like more information or to apply?

Simply contact Linda or Dave
Resort Managers -Island Palms Resort
Telephone: (07) 4778 5571
Email: islandpalms@bigpond.com